1 Decide what type of roof you want. Are you looking for asphalt or wood shingles? Or is its style more slate? Your decision will depend largely on the style of your home and your budget.

2 Consult with several roofing contractors. Ask the builder, as well as friends and neighbors, for recommendations. If you are having difficulty locating contractors, try contacting the local builders association to see if they can suggest it to someone.

3 Get contractors out and quote prices on the project. Provide access to the property and ensure that all contractors are bidding on the same type of roof (such as a specific grade of asphalt shingles).

4 Make sure roofing installers are including the removal of old roofing material in their offers. (Note that it is not always necessary to remove the existing cover when installing a new one.)

5 To know if each roofer has experience with the type of roof that will be installed. Most roofers have experience asphalt-pebbles, but wood and fiber cement are specialties. If you are installing an expensive wood or slate roof, you will want a contractor who has experience in this area. Ask to see the images of the previous projects.

6 Ask for references and check them out. Are the previous clients happy with the work that was done for them?

7 Execute a work contract that requires cost, payment schedule, the material to be used, the date and the end date to start. Try to minimize the deposit paid to the contractor before the start of the work or delivery of materials.